Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

All of our LED neon light signs are handmade from LED neon tubes that are economical, safe and both energy and eco-friendly.

Need more reasons to choose a LED neon sign from 416 NEON?

Value - We offer the best prices and will beat any like-for-like quote from any other reputable LED neon company on any standard or custom sign. Not only are our prices the best, we also include FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.

12 Month Warranty - All of our signs come with a one-year warranty covering any electrical component defects.

Durable - We offer the latest LED neon flex technology which is more durable, lighter, and more energy efficient than traditional glass neon.

Energy Efficient - Our LED neon signs are both energy and ecologically friendly. They have low energy, 12V consumption and a 50,000+ hours lifespan, so run your sign all day and night!

Safe - Our custom LED signs are made from neon LED light tubes that are child-safe. ​There is no breakable glass and the LED lights do not heat up, so they are safe to touch.

Easy to Install – All of our 416 NEON signs come with pre-drilled holes and your choice of screws and stand-offs or a hanging kit for easy setup.

Low Maintenance - Our 416 NEON signs do not require maintenance and are easy to clean. Just wipe with a dry cloth.

Lightweight - Our standard and custom designed signs are lightweight and portable, making them perfect​ for events like weddings, or a bright way to advertise your business. What a unique gift idea!

Our neon signs are made from high quality LED flex neon, making them the obvious choice over traditional glass neon.

LED flex is:

- Made with PVC & acrylic;

- Powered by low-voltage LED lights;

- Cased in flex rubber tubing.

LED flex neon products are more cost-effective, durable, energy efficient, and safer than glass neon products, while providing an incredible visual impact that is on par with or even greater than you get with a traditional glass neon sign.

Our LED neon signs and lights are:

1. Available in a wide range of colors and styles.
2. Available in a variety of standard and custom designs.
3. Available as a personalized neon sign
4. Available in your own design – just send us your design and size and we’ll create your dream sign!
5. Are mounted on clear, acrylic backing which is light and durable
6. Mounted on your choice of acrylic backing
7. Handmade to ensure the highest quality
8. Our customer service and design are based in Canada - superior service and value are what make us different!

Less than you might think! Our handmade neon LED signs are the most affordable neons you'll find for a top quality product. Our prices are so good that we invite you to compare our prices with our competition! So competitive in fact that we will beat any reputable company's like-for-like quote on any neon sign.

Keep in mind that our signs are priced in Canadian dollars and shipping is FREE – do you need another reason to buy from 416 NEON?

With our signs you will receive the highest quality product on the market. You'll also notice that our prices are much better than our competitors. If you’re wondering why, the short answer is we don’t mark up our prices as much as other neon companies. We're a boutique neon shop without a physical storefront and we reflect those savings in the prices of our products. This means we can provide your neon sign at a much better price than those big neon shops!

416 NEON signs are made with LED flex neon and not from glass. The LED neon are low voltage and won't overheat, which makes our signs much more energy efficient than traditional glass neon signs. This is great for your budget and even better for our planet.

416 NEON signs made from LED flex neon are also more durable and surprisingly lightweight.

416 Neon Products & Production FAQ

Our signs are handmade using LED flex neon tubing on a mm acrylic backing. The materials used are PVC and acrylic. There is no fragile glass that can break, no neon gas, and no mercury.

Our signs come with an acrylic backing. The backboard can be cut around the shape so it is contoured and nearly invisible or it can be cut in a desired shape for customized signs. We make your sign the way you want it!

We have a total of 19 colours to choose from. Our ‘white jacket’ colours are white when the sign is turned off and colored when the sign is switched on. Our 'coloured-jacket' colours come with a cover on the tube so that even when the sign is turned off it still shows its color (just not lit up).

We can replicate almost any custom font or design. Message us in our ‘Get A Quote’ section and upload the image you would like us to replicate, being sure to include dimensions to ensure an accurate quote. Remember that our customized quote pricing is based on size and complexity.

All of 416 NEON’s neon signs plug into a standard electrical outlet. For use away from an electrical outlet, we recommend purchasing an external battery power pack to plug your sign into. 

Most 416 NEON products come with a 2m (6.5ft) long transparent cord which plugs into an AC adapter. The adapter has an additional 1m (3ft) long black cord that runs to the wall plug.

Hanging your new neon sign is surprisingly easy! 416 NEON signs weigh 6-12lb on average and include pre-drilled holes on the acrylic backing for wall-mounting or hanging. Our signs include advertising pins or a wall-mounting kit - your choice. 416 NEON signs are super easy to install!

To wall-mount your new neon sign, you’ll need a screwdriver. You can also hang it with one of our hanging kits, or:

- Fishing wire (we recommend using heavy duty wire and using a fisherman knots) 

- Heavy duty removable hooks (We recommend using several removable hooks to hold up to 6-12lb – depending on the size of your sign)

Note: The above is a recommendation only. 416 NEON is not responsible for the mounting and/or
installation of any of our products. 416 NEON is also not responsible for damage that occurs to our signs during mounting.

416 NEON signs are mounted on an acrylic backing. Unless otherwise specified, our team will select the best backing option (contoured, rectangular, or 'invisible') based on the design you’ve chosen. Please let us know if you have a preference and, where possible, we will assist.  If you have a preference on what backing is used please let us know during checkout. Our backing acrylic comes clear as a standard.

Our remote offers a range of brightness settings, ON & OFF options, and modes which makes the light flash, flicker and pulse.  We recommend using the remote dimmer as it allows you to dim the neon brightness which can help with exposure when taking photos in front of your new neon sign.

Our standard LED neon signs are indoor signs but they are perfectly fine to use outdoors at events, parties, etc. - provided they do not get wet. Our standard signs are not water-resistant and cannot be exposed to wet weather.

We can create beautiful outdoor neon signs on request. Please include in your custom messaging requests for an ‘outdoor sign’ and we will assist you in creating a perfect outdoor sign to suit your needs. Please note that outdoor signs sometimes feature visible seal marks where the neon has been waterproofed – these are clear and can only be seen when the neon is switched off.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place! 416 NEON offers as many colours on your sign as you like. Please let us know which colours you would like when you submit your custom design to be quoted.

Shipping & Returns

Free Worldwide Shipping – FREE, FREE, FREE!

No matter the size of your sign, shipping is FREE!

Standard orders take 3-4 weeks from payment to delivery.  All of our LED neon signs are handmade. The above lead-times include the production and shipping of your sign.  All of our signs are designed in Canada and produced in our shop overseas, but your sign WILL NOT be subject to customs or duty fees! Please contact us if you're ever charged duty on any of our signs.

416 NEON signs are handmade, so there is production time involved to create each sign. 4 weeks is the maximum turnaround time and most customers receive their 416 NEON order within 3 weeks.  If you’re in a hurry, please contact us to see if we can arrange to have your sign for your event day.

416 NEON offers returns and refunds for faulty products only. 416 NEON will make every effort to resolve the issue and may fix, replace, refund, or partially refund the product. The final resolution for faulty products, including refunds for the cost of the product and/or shipping, is decided on a case by case basis and depends on the source of the fault, and is at the sole discretion of 416 NEON.

Please contact us to let us know which products you wish to return and why.  We will then be intouch to try to resolve the issue. 

If a return has been agreed to, please note that you must return the faulty product in its original condition with all of its original packaging to the address you’re provided. 

If a return has been agreed to, the faulty item must be returned for inspection by 416 Neon within 14 days of the date you received the product.

If a replacement has been agreed to, 416 NEON will produce and ship the replacement product to you as soon as possible. 

If a full or partial refund has been agreed to, 416 NEON will let you know when you can expect to receive the refund.

416 NEON products include a 1-year warranty (from the date of purchase) which covers electrical component defects when used appropriately.

The final resolution for faulty products, including refunds for the cost of the product and/or shipping, is decided on a case by case basis, depending on the source of the fault, and is at the sole discretion of 416 NEON.

If you still have questions, we're happy to help. Just send us a message and tell us what you need. We look forward to assisting you in any way we can.