Custom Neon Gallery

Check out some of the neon signs we've created for customers in the past. From brands that highlight businesses to sports displays for your rec room.






Neon Signage for Businesses and Brands

View our collection of Custom neon sign for shops, products, and more. See how you can illuminate your brand to make a lasting impression.

Capture your customers’ attention before they even step through the door! Our neon signs are created using the highest quality materials and the newest LED technology to guarantee long-term performance. Perfect for storefronts, product displays, or any commercial setting, these business signs are designed to ensure that your brand and logo stand out with distinction. If you're a business looking to put neon signs across your franchise locations, reach out to us for an unbeatable wholesale deal.

Personalized LED Neon Light Signs

Browse through our selection of personalized neon signs and get ideas on how you can bring some luminance into your home.

Our signs are perfect for anyone looking to improve their home décor, especially for those seeking custom neon signs in Toronto or the GTA, Canada, and the USA. Displaying a neon sign not only brightens up the place but also sets the mood for your home. From the corner of your living room to that spot above your bed, our neon signs will stand out to create a personalized atmosphere. Do you want to brighten up your home with a unique sign that's sure to impress? Send us your idea or design for a personalized LED neon sign.

Neon Signs with Quotes and Sayings

Our collection of vibrant neon signs, each shining brightly with memorable quotes and sayings that light up the room.


Available in an array of different colors, sizes, and font styles, our neon signs are a great addition to make your space come alive with energy and personality. Great for homes, offices, or retail spaces, these signs combine visual appeal with thoughtful messaging. Bright and attention-grabbing, our neon signs can be made with our online designer to create memorable quotes and sayings that resonate with you. Order yours today.

Elegant Neon Signs for Weddings

Brighten your special day even more with custom-made neon signs designed to add a romantic glow to your wedding festivities.

Add a touch of elegance and romance to your wedding festivities with a unique LED neon sign. Not only are our signs aesthetically pleasing but also serve as a statement piece for your special wedding day. From personal family names like "The Edwards" and "The Masons" to romantic expressions like "Till Death" and "Drunk in Love", our signs are designed to captivate and resonate your love with one another. They also make for the perfect wedding gift.

Custom Made Neon Signs for Sports Fans

Discover our sports neon sign gallery. Show your team spirit and celebrate your favourite sports team with a neon display.

Light up your end zone with our custom-made LED neon signs! Made for the ultimate sports enthusiast, these bright and eye-catching displays capture the spirit of your favourite teams and athletic pastimes. Are you a dedicated fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, a die-hard Blue Jays junkie, or a basketball and football buff? Our neon creations are the perfect addition to any game room, lounge, or sports bar. Ensure you're always in the spotlight during game night with our sports-themed neon signs.